Baking Soda Blasting

Baking Soda Blasting is a way to safely strip paint and clean most any surface.  The baking soda blasting process uses compressed air to deliver bicarbonate of soda-based media (baking soda) onto the surface being cleaned or stripped.  Similar in concept to sandblasting, soda blasting is much kinder and gentler to the underlying surface.  The process is gentle enough to remove the coating without harming the substrate.  Baking soda blast media is FDA approved, non toxic, contains no free silica; it is non sparking, non flammable, non hazardous and environmentally safe.

Billings Media Blasting Prefers Baking Soda For:

Fire Damage

We use baking soda when soot and char needs to be removed from structural wood, steel, stone or concrete.  Baking soda blasting cleans the substrate in order to allow apply a sealer, also deodorizing the area because baking soda is a natural deodorizer!  The soda blasting method is much more efficient and effective then traditional sanding or wire brushing methods!

Fire Damaged Stone

Soda Blasted Stone

Delicate Substrates

Baking soda blasting is used in situations where a very delicate media is needed to clean or strip the substrate.  For example this Team USA Bobsled!

Painted Team USA Bobsled

Soda Blasted Team USA Bobsled