Billings Media Blasting is a Glastonbury, CT-based family-owned and operated surface blasting business which began operations in 2006 as “Billings Soda Blasting Services.” A partnership between the father and son team of Kent and Glen Billings, Billings Media Blasting provides in-house and on-site media blasting services encompassing the full gamut of surface blasting techniques for a variety of industries and applications.

Whether your project warrants standard techniques such as abrasive blasting, soda or walnut shell blasting or more specialized approaches such as dry ice, plastic, sponge or slurry (wet) blasting, Billings Media Blasting possesses the capability, experience and expertise to complete the job with efficiency, effectiveness and unsurpassed results. In short, Billings Media Blasting can restore, clean, strip or prepare any surface.

Beyond having a passion for and deep understanding of the media blasting business, Billings Media Blasting is customer-focused, enjoys figuring out how to solve complex or uncommon blasting challenges and takes great pleasure in creating satisfied customers.

Billings Media Blasting is a division of Kent Billings, LLC.


Kent Billings

Under the moniker of Kent Billings LLC, Kent Billings has been coming up with solutions for uncommon problems in metal fabrication since 1979. His creativity, curiosity and dedication to research and development extends into the media blasting arena, where his out-of-the-box thinking helps him find different ways to better satisfy customers and complete projects thought not to be possible. Billings Media Blasting is a division of Kent Billings LLC.

Glen Billings

A Southern Connecticut State University business management graduate, Glen brings a bit of left-brained process management expertise to the Billings Media Blasting team. His strong work ethic, inherited from father Kent, provides renewed drive and energy to the company while rooted in a pragmatic, results-first orientation. Glen also shares his father’s passion for the blasting business and spearheads the company’s growth into new sectors and techniques.

Kent Billings
Kent Billings
Glen Billings
Glen Billings


Christina has been a vital addition to Billings Media Blasting. She has brought a great work ethic and an open mind to learning the Billings way of doing things along with hanging onto the nozzle and learning the blasting trade. She helps to keep us organized and ready for whatever project is coming up next. Christina also takes care of our social media posts.


Green Initiative

Since our first foray into the media blasting business, we have been concerned about environmental impact. Back in 2006, we started in this business using environmentally-friendly baking soda for our first blasting jobs. That’s right, pure baking soda like you would bake a cake with!

Since starting with baking soda, Billings Media Blasting has continued to use environmentally-friendly products and employ environmentally-friendly techniques.

As an environmentally-friendly alternative for baking soda, we use crushed walnut shells, a product recycled by the walnut growers of California. In our cabinet blasting and blast booth projects, we employ plastic media which is produced from recycled plastic AND can be recycled multiple times, reducing end waste. Additionally, we have another cabinet and blast booth which allows us to re-use garnet for abrasive applications. Billings Media Blasting plans on continuing its green initiative to better care for the earth!

To learn more about our Green Initiative or provide any suggestions, please contact us.

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