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During our almost ten years in the media blasting business, we have developed an expertise in surface preparation whether it’s smoothing a rough surface, roughening a smooth surface, shaping a surface or removing surface contaminants like paint, rust or mill scale. We have plenty of experience and a wide variety of blasting techniques and media options we can recommend for efficient and effective surface preparation. Some areas where customers have benefited from our surface-blasting prowess include:

Utilizing a peening type of media to create a unique or artistic finish for your surface preparation project.
Creating a very deep profile to provide an anchor pattern for heavy coatings.
Stripping coatings on composite materials without damage to the delicate underlying surface.
No matter what surface you are preparing we can match the right type of media for your project. Billings Media Blasting can blast your surface to whatever specifications you may need. We can provide surface preparation blasting services at your location or our location. We can provide volume pricing for repeat or volume contracts.


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