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Slurry/Wet/Vapor Blasting

Slurry or wet blasting is a technique where water is mixed with the abrasive media for the blasting procedure. Sometimes referred to as the Farrow System, this type of blasting is generally recommended when dust suppression is a key objective and it delivers on this goal in two ways: the projectile is wet so it doesn’t turn to dust upon impact and the mist which accompanies the projectile moistens the coating or contaminant being removed from the substrate.

A benefit of slurry blasting is that it is more gentle as the water adds a cushioning effect. This process also requires lower pressure and lower abrasive usage rates which provide a gentle cleaning/washing effect ideal in situations where historic or very delicate substrates are being blasted.

Moreover, slurry blasting is a perfect fit for removing coatings and contaminants from gentle substrates. The high level of precision we can achieve with wet slurry in a blast cabinet is ideal to clean or finish fragile plastic parts with no damage.

It is a great graffiti removal solution in situations where surface damage is a concern, and also works particularly well with stamped concrete restoration where failing or chipped coatings can be removed without damaging the underlying concrete.

In situations where heavy or thick coatings like epoxies or built-up fiberglass need to be removed, slurry blasting can be employed to keep the material cool so it’s blasted off, as opposed to melting. Heavy rust can be removed and specified profiling can be achieved with slurry blasting as water adds mass to the material so when blast pressures are turned up, the material being blasted is struck harder than if the abrasive was dry.

For all our slurry projects, we include an additive in the water in order to eliminate flash rust concerns on metal projects and minimize salts in the water, leaving a very clean surface for re-coating.

For bigger jobs, Billings Media Blasting also has large scale equipment for larger on-location slurry blasting engagements.

For fine finishes and surface preparation, Billings Media Blasting can employ a Wet Technologies vapor blasting cabinet.


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