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Is restoring, cleaning, stripping or preparing surfaces an integral part of your business? Do you need parts cleaned on a regular basis? Do you have equipment that needs to be descaled? Is etching or finishing metal a stage in your production process?

Billings Media Blasting is uniquely suited to work with companies on a volume or repetitive basis. The breadth of blasting media in which we have deep experience means we are experts in just about every technique out there. Our innovative and creative approach to this industry also means that if your need is unique, we’re best suited to figure out how to get it done effectively, efficiently and with the desired result.

Our mobile blasting capabilities allow us to perform just about any blasting process at your or another remote location. If outsourcing the project is your goal, we have facilities at our Glastonbury, CT location for every type of media blasting necessary. The precision and efficiency of our cabinet and booth blasting facilities lets us deliver on exacting standards within reasonable cost parameters.

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