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It may be nostalgic, but at Billings Media Blasting, we really can make what is old new again. This is especially true when it comes to using media blasting for surface restoration of historical and aged architectural features on buildings, railings, or monuments and more.

Our ability to blast with different media like dry ice, walnut shells or very fine abrasives allows us to be very gentle and exacting. Whether we are removing oxidation, paint, dirt or grime built up over the years, we can do it without harming the underlying material making it an ideal method for restoration.

Walnut shells, for example, can effectively and efficiently restore a building façade to its original luster without harsh chemicals or risk of damage, even when working on softer materials such as limestone and brick. Years of soot and grime can be “blasted” away in minutes. While powerful, our cleaning processes are very precise and thus can be targeted to clean and restore only the designated area, such as the fine detail on carved stone.

In many masonry projects, dust can be a concern. We have significant experience implementing containment strategies, but can also recommend processes that are virtually dust free, such as slurry/wet blasting which adds water into the mix keeping dust down. Slurry blasting works extremely well on delicate surfaces because of the addition of water. The water added to the process allows for a more cushioned blasting, giving it a gentle washing/cleaning effect. Or we might recommend sponge jet blasting, where the abrasive medium is adhered to tiny sponges which, upon impacting the surface to be removed, literally suck it into the sponge, minimizing dust.

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