Do you need paint stripped from your vintage ‘67 Chevy? Do your customers need their bicycles stripped before painting? Small automotive or industrial parts? What about a bobsled? Yes, we’ve done that and hundreds of other paint-stripping projects. Our media blasting technique, whether done in our facility or at your location, provides efficient yet exacting results that save you time, money and worry.

We use a variety of mediums for stripping paint, depending upon the fragility of the substrate (surface underneath the paint), thickness/durability of the paint to be stripped and the environment in which we are stripping.

We are capable of stripping either in our Glastonbury, CT location or, depending upon the type of stripping necessary, doing some stripping at your location with our mobile media blasting unit. Our process can be LEED compliant. We offer volume pricing for repeat or regularly scheduled projects. Contact us about your particular project.


A Glastonbury, CT-based family-owned and operated surface blasting business.

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