Graffiti removal is a common need for businesses, cities and municipalities. Brick, stone surfaces, concrete sidewalks and asphalt are the most commonly affected surfaces and a range of media blasting techniques work well on these hard surfaces. Most important is not to damage the substrate, the surface the graffiti has been painted on. The right media blasting technique can remove the graffiti without harming the surface behind it.

Other factors we deal with in removing graffiti are areas where dust is a concern, areas with fragile environmental issues or areas where people or animals are present. We offer a slurry/wet sandblasting process when dust must be contained or minimized. In this process, water keeps the dust levels to a minimum and also helps with the removal of the graffiti by washing the surface. As with all our blasting projects, we always keep minimal environmental impact as a key priority; read more about our LEED certification.

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