Sponge Jet blasting

Sponge Jet blasting is ideal for situations where minimal dust and minimal containment are required. As the name implies, miniature sponges impregnated with an abrasive medium are propelled at a surface. The material is loosened and then adheres to the sponge, pulling it from the substrate with minimal dust and low to medium ricochet.

Sponge Jet provides a safe and reliable method of environmentally sensitive cleaning and preservation. It is ideal across a range of blasting objectives from delicate cleaning to aggressive coating removal and profiling of industrial substrates, all in environments where suppression of fugitive emissions and rebound are required.

Additionally, because it is so contained, this technique allows us to work in areas with public or commercial environments without interrupting other trades or functions. It features reduced noise so employees can continue their activities and produces no leachable constituents, run-off or slurry.

The prospect of removing multiple layers of lead-based paint without causing additional damage, while staying within the safety regulations of EPA and OSHA, seems daunting. Sponge Jet has the advantage of keeping all of that lead contained, by cleaning the lead out of the sponge and then reusing the sponge.

Please contact us for a MSDS sheet for Sponge Jet Blasting.


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